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DC Ranked One of America’s S-M-A-R-T-E-S-T Cities

The 2nd annual list was compiled by “The Daily Beast”



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    We are brainy!

    The Washington, D.C., region made another Top 10 list. This time, “The Daily Beast” ranked the area as one of the smartest metropolitan regions.

    The Internet magazine compiled the rankings from five measures. The first two “educational” components look at the number of residents over 25 with bachelor’s degrees and the number of residents with graduate degrees.

    The last three criteria measures the “intellectual” nature of the cities: the non-fiction book sales, ratio of institutions of higher education to populace and the libraries per capita.

    Of the 55 largest metropolitan cities, Boston tops the list and Las Vegas rounds out the bottom. Washington, D.C., ranked ninth in the total rankings but had the highest percentage of residents over 25 with a graduate degree at 23 percent.