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Judge Upholds Firing of Cop Called "Dude"



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    A Baltimore police officer became famous for yelling "Dude!" on YouTube.

    A man who berated a 14-year-old boy after wrestling him to the ground was fired legally, a judge in Baltimore ruled.

    The incident happened after the teenager addressed the officer, 17-year veteran Salvatore Rivieri, as "dude."

    The encounter between Rivieri and teenager Eric Bush was caught on video by another teenager.  The former officer man-handled the boy, grabbed his skateboard, and shouted at the young man to stop calling him "dude."

    The video made its way on to YouTube, where it became a viral hit, and also spurred an investigation into Rivieri.

    Although a Baltimore police review board recommended a 6-day suspension, Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld fired Rivieri last year.

    Baltimore judge Sylvester Cox ruled Monday the firing was legal, because the decision was not made in an arbitrary or capricious manner.  Rivieri's lawyer said he planned on appealing the decision.