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Cooling Center for Pets Opens in Shirlington

Pet owners can recharge their electronics, too



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    Dogma, a gourmet bakery and boutique for dogs, has invited pet owners who are without power from Friday's storm to its Shirlington location to use its cooling center for pets.

    The management team decided to set up this cooling center in response the cooling shelters in the area that don't allow pets and to provide a space in the community for owners to cool off with their pets.

    The cooling center services in Dogma includes water, tables and chairs for the pet owners and two doggie pools in front of the boutique for the dogs to take a dip in.

    There's even a treat for the humans. Pet owners can bring their electronics and chargers to the boutique to juice up their gadgets.

    Pet owners who aren't able to make it to the cooling center are encouraged to give their four-legged friends lots of water and to keep them in the shade or any place that's cool.

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