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Controversy Surrounds Sugarloaf Mountain Firing Range



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    Maryland residents are rallying against a proposed gun range at Sugarloaf Mountain, about 10 miles south of Frederick.

    The gun range is proposed for a Thurston Road location, and would cater to military personnel, law enforcement and the public, according to the Frederick-News Post. The land is a zoned resource conservation, but the range could be permitted if they're given a special exemption.

    Near the proposed Old Line Academy site is Bennett's Creek Farm, where Olympic-level horses are trained. 

    "If the horses get used to the constant noise, people are not going to. And they're going to find elsewhere to board [the horses]," Rose Agard with Bennett's Creek Farm said.

    The crack of gunfire and other loud noises is also a concern at a veterinary clinic and pet resort, just a mile from the range site.

    "The firing range is going to add to the stress and anxiety of the pets that are boarding here," Dr. Hooman Pooya with Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital said. 

    Residents are also concerned about the noise that could disturb the peacefulness of the area.

    "I think one of the main objections is noise ... quiet enjoyment of our property," Wayne Edelen said.

    "In this particular case, we've heard a lot about noise so we'll certainly address that," Peter Fitzpatrick, the lawyer for Old Line Academy said. 

    The Frederick County zoning board will hold a public hearing at the end of the month and decide whether to allow the firing range.