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Browns to Obama: We Got Game

"Why not charge admission..and give all the proceeds to Haiti?": Ayla Brown



    Browns to Obama: We Got Game
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    Recently-elected Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and his daughter Ayla are ready to take President Barack Obama on -- the court, that is.

    Brown had first proposed the idea to Obama just after he won the election last month, as well as to Vice President Joe Biden shortly after Biden swore in Brown, Politico reported.

    “Mr. President, I know you like basketball, so I tell you what, how about you pick your best player, I’ll take Ayla and we’ll take you on two-on-two.”

    Now Brown's daughter has upped the game.

    "I think it'd be really fun. … I was thinking, why not charge admission? It'd be a really good game knowing me and my dad — we're very competitive — and give all the proceeds to Haiti," Ayla Brown said Monday in an interview with ABC News.

    But it looks like there's a hoops standstill on both sides of the aisle.

    Brown aides told Politico that the proposal is still in the "idea" stage and that they haven't taken it to the next level by formally approaching the White House about the game just yet. And, according to ABC News, there's "no word yet from the White House on the so-called 'basketball summit.'"

    At least Biden seems to be on board. At the swearing in, he told Brown: "I think it would be a hell of a game."