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Bay Bridge, Other Md. Tolls Increase



    News4 Transportation Reporter Adam Tuss breaks down the price increases at Maryland toll plazas. (Published Friday, July 5, 2013)

    Starting earlier this week, tolls to cross the Bay Bridge increased to $6, leaving some drivers with sticker shock.

    Maryland resident Nancy Schrum has lived on Kent Island since 1972. She goes across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge often.

    "It used to be like a dollar to get across it, but now we're up to $6," Schrum said. "The big question is - will the increases really go into the state's transportation fund and be used for roads and bridges?"

    The plan is to do just that - but Maryland's transportation fund has been used for different purposes in the past.

    Increased tolls across Maryland include the following:

    • Fort McHenry Tunnel: $4
    • Harbor Tunnel: $4
    • Key Bridge: $4
    • Nice Bridge: $6
    • Bay Bridge $6
    • No change in tolls for the inter-county connector

    Maryland driver Jay Payne took a more light-hearted view of the tolls.

    "It is what it is... You got to pay it or you don't go!" Payne said.

    Casey Croks agrees with Payne.

    "I understand they've got maintenance and taxes are always going up so it's just the cost of doing business," Croks said.

    Drivers with EZ-Pass get a 10 percent discount at the toll plaza. The toll increase comes at the same time gas taxes are increasing in the state.