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Baby Bottle BPA Ban Has Support of Md. Lawmakers

Senate joins House in protecting children from toxic chemical



    Baby Bottle BPA Ban Has Support of Md. Lawmakers
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    Maryland is about to become the fourth state to ban the chemical BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups used by children under the age of four.

    The Maryland Senate unanimously passed a bill today that would institute the ban. The House of Delegates already approved a similar measure. Gov. Martin O' Malley is expected to sign it.

    BPA is a  common chemical found in plastic food containers, the lining of cans and in many water bottles. But environmental and consumer groups have been warning about the dangers of the chemical leaching into the food and liquids. Studies have shown BPA  can behave like estrogen in the body. That's troublesome for adults but it can be dangerous for children and babies. Their brains and bodies are not designed to have extra hormones influencing their development. It can lead to cancer down the road.

    Several states, counties and Canada have banned the chemical in plastics. The U.S.  government may also ban it. There are bills pending on Capitol Hill.

    Meanwhile, dozens of baby bottle companies are coming out with BPA-free bottles and consumers are being urged to switch from plastic to glass for adult consumption.