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Another Bad Day for the Salahis

Anyone want to buy a watch?



    Under the Tucson Sun
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    Don't you feel bad for them? No?

    The Cirque du Salahi continued this morning, with everyone's favorite (OK, nobody's favorite) powerless future has-been couple wandering into a Front Royal, Va., courtroom.

    No, they're not being frogmarched out of town.  Yet.

    This was about a previous escapade with a gardener.  And the schadenfreude was tasty.

    The Salahis had previously had a judgment against them to pay a landscaper about $2,000 for non-payment of services and lawyer fees.  Even though the ruling came down in 2008, the Salahis hadn't found the time to pay the fees, what with a bankrupt winery, polo matches, and lying to get into cheerleader reunions taking up the bulk of their time.

    During today's court appearance, reports the Post, the landscaper came up with a novel way of settling the debt.  Apparently under Va law, the judge could seize personal property to settle the debt.

    So Mr. Salahi entered the court with a designer watch that could be valued as much as $325,000, and he left with a naked wrist.  The watch is to be sold to settle the debts, with the balance returned to the Salahis. All over $2,000.  (Why didn't they bring their checkbooks -- and don't say "check kiting.")

    But it doesn't end there.  As the circus rolled on inside, outside the courthouse, the Salahis couldn't escape the law either.

    The fancy Audi they rolled in on?  Well, it's a bit overdue for its safety inspection.  An officer pasted a ticket on the windshield (no doubt smiling to himself all the while), and the Salahis got stuck with yet another debt.  The Warren County Reporter helpfully provides the photographs.

    Be sure to shed a tear this weekend, for these two unfortunate souls.