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Amber Stanley's Mother Seeks Help Solving Teen's 2012 Death



    Nearly two years after the murder of her daughter, Irma Gaither is once again speaking out, hoping someone will come forward with the clue that will help lead to closure in her child's death. News4's Prince George's County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins reports. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014)

    Almost two years after the death of 17-year-old Amber Stanley in Prince George’s County, her mother is speaking out again in hopes of finding closure.

    Since someone brutally shot and killed Amber inside her Kettering home, each day has been more difficult for her mother, Irma Gaither.

    “At least two or three times a week someone always asks me, ‘Have your heard anything? Do you know anything?’” Gaither said.

    Amber was the first of six Prince George’s County high school students shot in unrelated incidents in the 2012 school year. Markel Ross was the second, shot and killed during an attempted robbery while walking to Central High School. His killer was convicted Monday, leaving Gaither wondering when will her daughter’s killer will be brought to justice.

    “I was thinking that out of all the six victims that got killed, they are chopping away at it one by one, and hopefully Amber’s will be soon,” she said.

    Gaither said when she heard about Markel Ross’ murder she immediately felt for his mother.

    “At that moment I didn’t even think about my situation,” she said. “I was just thinking about having your baby laid out on the street like that just gunned down. I was just devastated.”

    Amber was killed inside her home. Her older sister, nephew and a teen foster child were home at the time, but no one was able to identify the masked shooter, making this case very different from the Ross case.

    Amber dreamed of attending an Ivy League school. She wanted to be a scientist and doctor and enjoyed modeling for fun.

    “I would like for someone or whoever knows anything to just come forward and just help us get the case solved," Gaither said.