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Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Lands in the District

Boeing's new Dreamliner lands in Washington



    News 4's Derrick Ward gives us a look at Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner jumbojet from Reagan National Airport. (Published Tuesday, May 8, 2012)

    The future of flight was on display Monday at National Airport. Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner is in town for the first time.

    Boeing is touting the giant jet as the next big thing in aviation, and saying it's more passenger-friendly because they asked travelers what they wanted.

    The Dreamliner includes several state-of-the-art amenities, such as a higher ceiling, bigger windows and larger overhead bins for carry-on luggage. It also features improved cabin pressure and humidity -- which the company claims will reduce muscle pain, headaches and dry eyes.

    The new plane, which can carry up to 290 passengers, is 20 percent more fuel-efficient, saving airlines (and travelers) money. It also puts out 20 percent less in carbon emissions, and can go longer without refueling. The engines are 60 percent quieter than a similarly sized plane.

    However, Monday was probably the last time a Dreamliner will be spotted at National. The runways are long enough, but the plane's wingspan encroaches into adjacent taxiways.

    And although no U.S. carriers are flying Dreamliners right now, that could soon change. United and ANA have ordered the planes, and both airlines operate out of Dulles.