911 Dispatcher Saves Man From Diabetic Emergency

A Prince George's County 911 dispatcher with 19 years of experience under her belt is credited with saving an elderly man who had a diabetic emergency while driving last week.

Georgia McDuffie's husband Johnny was on his way to visit her at Southern Maryland Hospital last Friday, when he called to say he wasn't feeling well.

"He said, 'I don't know where I am, my head is spinning and I'm sweating,'" Georgia said.

She said at some point, the phone call disconnected and Georgia wasn't able to get ahold of him for 15 minutes, fearing the worst. She called 911 and notified them her husband was having an emergency and was driving, though she didn't know where he was or what car he was driving.

911 dispatcher Diane Billings handled the call.

"We had units from D.C. all the way from Southern Avenue to Clinton just checking [for him]," Billings said.

After repeatedly calling Johnny, Billings got ahold of him and she knew the situation was dire. 

"He was getting worse as I was talking to him, but not making much sense," she said. "I was really afraid we weren't going to find him... but we did!"

"She called me back, hollering and screaming, 'Mrs. McDuffie, we got him!'" Georgia said.

Upon hospitalization, Johnny was unconscious. Had much more time passed, he wouldn't have made it, but he's now back home in Bowie recuperating.

"I'm overwhelmed with what they've done for me, for us," Georgia said. 

"It was the best day of the 19 years I've been here," Billings said, beaming with excitement.

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