911 Calls Released in Attempted Exorcism

Police were called to a Germantown, Md. home just hours before the bodies of two young children were found in what officials are calling an attempted exorcism

A 911 caller alerted police to a situation at a Germantown home late Thursday evening. He said he spotted a baby inside of a blue Honda left alone for approximately 45 minutes. 

"The mother came out and said she had something going on that she didn't want her baby to be in danger in the house," the caller said.

During the call, the man says he was approached by two women from the home who chased him down, while one of the women talked to herself.

Police have not released what happened during their response to the home that night.

Another neighbor contacted 911 just after 9 a.m. Friday when she saw a bloody knife next to a blue Honda, with its passenger side door open.

"The windows of the house are open and I heard a lot of noises in the night, I heard a lot of jumping," the caller said.

When police arrived, they found the bodies of 1-year-old Norell N. Harris and 2-year-old Zyana Z. Harris. Two other children, Taniya Harris, 5, and Martello Harris, 8, were found injured and have been hospitalized. 

Within hours, their mother, 28-year-old Zakieya Latrice Avery, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder. The following day, 21-year-old Monifa Denise Sanford was arrested on the same charges. 

Police tell News4 the two women believed they were performing an exorcism and described the scene as "very bloody."

Avery and Sanford are due in court Tuesday.

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