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5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween



    5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween

    News4 Consumer Reporter Erika Gonzalez shares five easy ways to keep your family safe this Halloween. (Published Monday, Oct. 20, 2014)

    It’s nearly time to take to the streets for trick-or-treating. But are your kids ready for a night that will be filled with darkness, distracted driving and dangerous speeds?

    “On Halloween night, we see a doubling of pedestrian fatalities, and we see an increase in injuries because kids are out darting between cars, crossing streets where they usually don’t cross,” said Kate Carr of Safe Kids Worldwide.

    Carr shared five tips on how your little trick-or-treaters can stay safe.

    1. Have your kids wear glow sticks. Carr calls them a wonderful addition to any costume because they can be made into necklaces or bracelets, and are inexpensive and easy to find.

    2. Parents and kids should both carry flashlights, or use light-up elements as accessories. "If you have a light, it's going to capture the eye of a driver," she said.

    3. Safe Kids Worldwide is giving away free snap bracelets that snap into the wrist include a bit of reflective tape that can help later in the afternoon.

    4. A bit of reflective tape also goes a long way. "The tape can be cut into pieces, put in designs. It comes in all kind of colors," Carr said. "Up, down, or around in circles, whatever way you want to go is going to add a little bit of visibility."

    5. What would Halloween be without a goody bag for all the goodies? Safe Kids Worldwide is giving away free reflective trick-or-treat bags.

    It’s just as important for drivers to look for kids as it is for kids to look for drivers. If you plan to drive on Halloween, drive more slowly, turn on your headlights earlier, and expect the unexpected.

    And for parents eager to take and share cute pictures on Halloween, keep in mind that distracted walking or driving can put your trick-or-treaters in danger, so stop before you snap.

    Lots of Safe Kids locations in the area are giving out free slap bracelets and bags. Check out the list of locations below:

    Local Safe Kids Coalitions:

    How to Find Your Local Safe Kids:
    • Go to www.safekids.org.
    • Click "Find Your Safe Kids" in the top right corner.
    • Choose "Find a coalition near you" under Safe Kids Local Coalitions in the United States.
    • Pick your state.
    • Choose the coalition closest to you, and contact the coalition coordinator.

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