4 More Customers Have Problems With Samsung Refrigerator Ice Makers

NBC4 Responds got results for more consumers with broken Samsung ice makers.

In February, NBC4 Responds helped Linda Kumbar get a refund for her $2,400 Samsung refrigerator. The ice maker continued to break, despite repeated service visits.

After her story aired, Ernie Stellings contacted NBC4 Responds. He was also having trouble with the ice maker in his $1,800 Samsung fridge.

Once we reached out to Samsung, they agreed to send him a partial refund.

Since then, we heard from several more people experiencing similar problems with their ice makers.

We reached out to Samsung on behalf of four customers and were able to get them the repairs or refunds they needed.

Samsung also sent a statement saying, "We regret the experience that these consumers had with their fridges. While their experiences were unusual for the many Samsung refrigerators sold in the U.S., we have followed up with them and are working with them to ensure they are fully satisfied. Any customer with questions to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG."

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