14-Car Metro Train Has Short Run

Metro's considering getting rid of eight-car trains to help meet its budget, but the transit agency went a different direction Wednesday, putting a 14-car train into service.

Of course, six trains would be unable to be accessed from the platforms, and the train was quickly taken out of service.

The 14-car train came together like Voltron when an eight-car train ready for service coupled with a six-car train stored closely behind it in the New Carrollton Rail Yard.

When megatrain opened its doors at New Carrollton on the Orange Line at about 5:40 a.m., the passengers that boarded were quickly asked to disembark, and another train was sent for them.

Employees spotted the long train leaving the yard and notified the operator, who safely took it out of service, Metro said. The operator was put out of service almost as quickly, pending an investigation. The operator went for standard drug and alcohol testing after the incident.

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