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Alleged Pot Pushing Ring Busted in Alexandria



    Alleged Pot Pushing Ring Busted in Alexandria
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    Federal agents cuffed a man they said was a major marijuana distributor in Alexandria on Friday.

    Authorities said that James Cody Cutri, 22, of Alexandria, was a major cog in the nationwide illegal drug operation.

    A joint operation between the local and federal law enforcement snagged 17 individuals accused of pushing drugs in a multimillion dollar operation that spanned both coasts.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Alexandria said that the drug ring, allegedly run by Anthony Guidry, 46, recruited college athletes to help push marijuana to customers of all ages.

    Cutri worked on the retail end of the business, prosecutors said.  The portion of the illegal business ran out of Alexandria peddled oxycontin pills as well as marijuana, according to investigators.  They allege Cutri has been running his retail drug operation for 5 years, since he was age 17.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the nationwide string of arrests on Friday were initiated after an investigation into another drug dealer, Moataz Mohammad Masoud, 26, known on the street as “Fat Mo.”  Authorities said “Fat Mo” called his illicit business associates after being arrested for marijuana distribution to instruct them to hide their dealing operation.  The conversation was taped, and a subsequent investigation led to Friday’s coordinated action.

    Members of the ring were caught in California, Pittsburg, and in the Commonwealth.  Robert Williams, 22, was arrested in Springfield, Va., with a cache of marijuana and a .40 caliber pistol.  Police said they arrested Tracy Christopher King, 44, in Norfolk, where they say he distributed to college kids.  Nahom Hagos, 23, and Yonata Noah Hagos, 24, both from Alexandria, are alleged to be close associates with Cutri.