Lost Dogs Reunited With Owner 2 Weeks After Crash on I-270

Lost Animal Resource Group

A pair of dogs who ran off when their owner's truck crashed on I-270 were found in the Clarksburg, Maryland, area on Sunday.

Lost Animal Resource Group posted earlier Sunday that Ena, a chocolate lab, had been found and was reunited with owner Brian Shelton.

"Ena is back with Brian!! One down one to go - we are still searching for Caleb!" Lost Animal Resource Group posted on its Facebook page Sunday.

But it didn't take long.

Caleb was back in his owner's arms just a couple of hours after Ena was discovered.

The group says it's used traps, cameras, tracking, sightings and more to help Shelton find his dogs since they took off after the crash on Dec. 28.

Shelton, who lives in North Carolina, was driving northbound on I-270 near the Comus Road overpass in Montgomery County when the crash happened.

A father and son from North Carolina are in the D.C. area searching for their two lost dogs. The dogs ran off on I-270 in Montgomery County, Maryland, after a crash.

As he tried to get out of his mangled truck, passersby showed up to help.

"Somebody pulled the passenger door open to check on me and [the dogs] went bolting out the door, running down the highway," Shelton previously told News4.

Shelton and his son Kyle returned to the area after the holidays to help in the search for the dogs.

Two dogs ran off after a crash on I-270 in Montgomery County, Maryland, on Saturday. News4's Mark Segraves reports how a local group is trying to help find them.

"Since Caleb's been missing, all I can think about is him and I just really miss him," Kyle Shelton said.

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