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‘I'm So Happy': Nursing Home Residents Ready for Life After Vaccinations

"We're probably gonna have some good years soon. Very soon," one nursing home resident said

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When lockdown began last March, many seniors had to watch loved ones and life in general behind windows in an effort to remain safe. But new numbers from inside nursing homes show that the COVID-19 vaccines are working, and residents who are fully vaccinated have plans to take advantage of it.

“Being able to see friends and possibly go places that we haven’t been able to go ... gives us something to look forward to,” said Jean Belton, a resident at the Tribute at The Glen, a senior living home in Woodbridge.

Belton said that the vaccines are making a difference among the community. “I think mentally it makes a difference, too,” she said.

Many residents are looking forward to getting the little things back, like shopping, the movie theatre or walks at the park.

“Maybe even ice cream, I don’t know,” said Barbara Stubbs, another resident at Tribute at The Glen. “It is nice to get out for a bit.”

During the pandemic, residents had to eat meals alone in their rooms. The community put up plexiglass panels to give residents some outdoor face time with families.

"Of course you can’t go out, and that’s kind of a bummer,” said resident Carol Ridall.

Now, the vaccines bring an extra level of safety and some peace of mind.

“We’re probably gonna have some good years soon,” Stubbs said. “Very soon.”

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