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Sickness always seems to strike at the most inopportune times. Whether you’re a single parent, the car breaks down, or the roads ice over, sometimes getting to the doctor’s office just isn’t in the cards, no matter how bad you feel.

That’s why telehealth, also known as e-consults, is such a groundbreaking technology. By allowing patients to connect directly with their physician via platforms like live videoconferencing, healthcare providers are putting the power and convenience of modern medicine directly in our homes.

But how do you know you’re receiving quality care and that your personal information is secure?

That’s where URAC comes in. As a leading nonprofit healthcare accreditor, URAC assures that consumers are getting independently validated medical services through their rigorous, third-party accreditation. Across the country, from specialty pharmacies to health networks, the URAC seal stands for quality and safety consumers can trust.

As the first independent, third-party national program to offer comprehensive oversight of diverse telehealth programs, URAC is applying those same rigorous standards to Telehealth Accreditation. The key is to allow innovation to flourish while keeping the consumer safe. By defining the standards of excellence for telehealth, without prescribing how organizations must meet those standards, URAC’s approach allows this evolving industry to continue innovating while ensuring patient protection.

In other words, from empowering consumers to safeguarding data integrity and confidentiality, URAC has got your back, making telehealth technology as safe as it is convenient.

The URAC-accredited telehealth provider:

  • Expands access to high quality healthcare services that reduce costs and improves convenience for consumers

  • Empowers consumers through feedback, consent, engagement, and health education practices that enable active participation in their own care

  • Engages in evidence-based practices and adheres to professional ethical standards

  • Designs compliance strategies to promote professional standards of care and regulatory conformity, manage risks, and reduce errors and omissions

  • Nurtures a culture of quality and maintains rigorous quality improvement practices

  • Monitors, measures and reports on established performance indicators

  • Follows safe medication practices

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