5-a-Day: Insurance, Dementia and More

  • How would you like to wake up in the middle of your own surgery? And how about not being able to yell because you were paralyzed from anesthesia? No, thanks.
  • Pick up that cupcake: skinny is less attractive. According to research, models with a healthier weight drove more sales. OK, well maybe just eat half the cupcake because fat doesn’t sell either.
  • Need to make an important decision? Don’t freak out! Stress can affect your memory, thinking and now researchers say it impairs your ability to make decisions.
  • Ginkgo doesn’t stave of dementia, as many who took the “memory improving” natural supplement hoped.
  • Does health insurance drive you crazy? You’re not alone. New research shows physicians want to quit practicing medicine because they are tired of dealing with all the paperwork.
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