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Very Smart Buoy Teaches About the Bay

Phone or click on new high-tech buoy in Chesapeake Bay



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    What a friendly fellow this new high-tech smart buoy is in the Chesapeake Bay. You can phone him or contact him on your computer 24 hours a day. He'll tell boaters about weather conditions such as wind direction, temperatures and tides.  He gives those dedicated scientists, working to clean up the Bay, the real deal on how clean the water is -- or isn't. And for those who want a a new techie-buddy, he's your guy. He has stats and info on all kinds of interesting phenomenon from the mysterious depths of the Chesapeake Bay.

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration deployed the state-of- the-art buoy Friday. It was ceremoniously presented at the National Harbor Marina in Prince George's County, then given a royal escort by none other than the U.S. Coast Guard to his new home about a half-mile from the dock. The buoy is big and yellow, so you can see him and wave from the shore.

    Not only is this buoy a big break for environmentalists working for a cleanier, healthier Chesapeake Bay but it also provides user-friendly info for sailors and students and those just curious about the bay. All the information the buoy gives out is in real time.

    Call 877-BUOY-BAY or go to and click on the buoy that is near Washington, D.C.

    State of the Art Buoy Deployed on the Chesapeake Bay

    [DC] State of the Art Buoy Deployed on the Chesapeake Bay
    NOAA deployed a new high-tech buoy to give scientists, boaters and students incredible information about the Chesapeake Bay.
    (Published Friday, May 14, 2010)

    There are seven other buoys on the map. Check them out, too.