Virginia Teen is Helping Students Adjust to Online Learning

A high school junior created an online tutoring service which is helping kids adjust to the shift to digital learning

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Let’s be real, school is looking a lot different these days. 

Your desk is now your bed. Your cafeteria is now your kitchen. Your teacher is now your parent. Your entire room is now your locker.

Remember the sound of the bell signaling your next class? Now, that is signaled by your Zoom stream connecting. 

One student who understands these changes is Cynthia Wang, a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia.

Even before Zoom took over, Wang understood the importance of digital learning. Last fall, she created a free online tutoring service called “Girls Who Math.”

“I understand that for a lot of kids this is really different because they’ve never done online learning before,” Wang told News4’s Melissa Mollet.

The high school junior works with a team of over 150 tutors to hold online courses and one-on-one virtual lessons.

More than 300 students have already signed up for “Girls Who Math” services.

Wang wants other kids to know some tips for success while adjusting to online learning. 

She suggests sticking to a schedule, choosing an ideal spot to do your work, taking breaks and asking for help.

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