Whole Foods Employee Remembered for Calming Presence During Pandemic Dies of COVID-19

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An employee of a Maryland Whole Foods who helped keep coworkers and customers alike calm at the beginning of the pandemic has died of COVID-19.

Friends and coworkers of Steed Glaudin remember him as a “big brother,” “teddy bear” and “gentle giant.”

Glaudin, a longtime employee at Whole Foods on River Road in Bethesda, was 48 when he died Dec. 11, days after he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

He lost his mother last year and had become a primary caregiver for his father.

Friends set up a GoFundMe to help his father with what are likely to be significant expenses. Whole Foods, where Glaudin worked for 28 years, has contributed.

The page is filled with tributes to Glaudin’s steady presence that kept coworkers and customers calm.

Glaudin’s friends say he considered the work of keeping the store open so people could buy food for their families as essential and important. 

Glaudin’s friends’ and family’s grief is compounded by the inability right now to have a proper funeral for him.

It's unclear where Glaudin contracted COVID-19.

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