Maryland Troopers to Help With Pandemic-Related Compliance Efforts

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan

Maryland will expand its pandemic-related compliance efforts ahead of Thanksgiving by sending additional state troopers to every county and Baltimore, Gov. Larry Hogan said Monday.

Hogan said state troopers will work with liquor boards, local law enforcement agencies and others starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday to ensure that businesses and residents follow directives meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus, including the mask-wearing mandate. He said the Maryland State Police is also ramping up the hotline that the public can dial to report violations and is now operating a new phone line to assist local compliance officers.

A Maryland Emergency Management Agency alert will be sent Wednesday to remind residents of rules and enforcement. Hogan said it’s only the second time the alert will be used in his time as governor.

“As COVID fatigue has set in, some individuals and businesses have unfortunately started to become more lax at the very worst part of the pandemic,” Hogan said before highlighting the recent arrests in the assault of two ice cream shop workers by patrons who refused to wear masks.

The expanded efforts come as COVID-19 cases continue to surge across the U.S. and officials plea for people to avoid travel and Thanksgiving gatherings.

Coronavirus Cases in Maryland by Zipcode

Data for ZIP codes with 7 or fewer cases is suppressed.

Credit: Anisa Holmes/NBC Washington

Hogan also urged young people returning home from college to skip the social gatherings typical of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Hogan praised Baltimore County's 30-member social distance task force, which is dedicated to mask, distancing and capacity compliance.

Maryland on Monday reported 183,797 cumulative coronavirus cases. That’s 1,658 more compared with Sunday.

To report violations of COVID-19 restrictions, call 833-979-2266 or email

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