Zagat: DC’s Full of Good Tippers, Green Eaters

Mmm... Sustainable...


The latest snapshot of D.C.'s dining-out demographic from the newly Google-acquired Zagat Survey tells us the following:

We're good tippers: 19.3 percent on average.

That's slightly higher than the national average (19.2 percent) and also higher than both New York and San Francisco, though Boston, Philadelphia and New Orleans all tip a tad more.

Our appetites (and wallets) are greener than in most places: 63 percent of diners surveyed in the D.C. area are willing to pay more for foods that are locally sourced, organic or sustainably raised, according to the survey.

That's higher than the national average (57 percent) and even higher than New York (49 percent). Naturally, West Coasters, particularly the folks in Portland (a whopping 76 percent), are even more eco-conscious with their eating habits.

And dinner would cost more in Miami: The average price of a meal in the District is $35.99, but limit the scope to D.C.'s Top 20 Zagat-rated restaurants and that average jumps to $84.31. Of course that's higher than the national average in both categories, but still less than San Francisco, NYC, Vegas, Tokyo, London and Miami

Zagat: D.C. Is Full of Good Tippers, Green Eaters was originally published by Washington City Paper on Oct 27, 2011.

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