You Spent How Much?

Black Friday shopping promises to be a day of spending

How much are you expecting to spend on Black Friday? Experts are saying about $400. A survey done by Taubman, the owner and manager of premium shopping centers around the country shares their findings of a typical Black Friday shopper.

Most of you will wake up early in the morning and will be ready to shop by 6 a.m. Half of you will make it a family outing, others will go with friends while the hardcore and serious shoppers may choose to make the day a solo journey.

Despite any woes in the financial market, about 60% of those surveyed report they will spend as much as they did last year, while 9% plan to spend more.

What is it that you plan to spend so much money on in one day?

Clothing is at the top of the list; women's clothing to be exact. 76% say they will shop for women's clothing. Men's apparel is second at 56%. Children's clothing isn't far behind at 47%. Toys and electronics fall right behind clothing on shopping checklists.

There is a downside to Black Friday shopping. There will be a large number of shoppers out on the hunt for good sale. But 80% of you are willing to wait in lines for up to two hours for your desired items.

With all of the shopping madness and packed stores, it is good to be prepared. Forty-six percent of Black Friday shoppers will find out about store savings from the newspaper and 59% from newspaper inserts.

What's the bottom line of all this research? Get plenty of sleep the day before, prepare your wallet, and grab your newspapers because Black Friday is going to be a full day of shopping fun.

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