Yes, Bo Can (Drive Cars)

So the First Dog commandeered a police car. What IS that wacky dog up to now?

We know he can sit down and shake hands. But can Bo Obama engage in high-speed police chases on the mean streets of the city? OK, probably not. He does, however, recognize a great photo op when he sees one.

Bo jumped into a D.C. police motorcade escort car yesterday -- conveniently, the door had been left open, providing ample opportunity to steal the spotlight from his famous family.

The wacky hijinks conspired for maximum adorability as Michelle Obama returned to the White House after stopping by Quantico's Marine Corps Base. She'd been there to deliver toys to a Toys for Tots warehouse in Stafford, Va. A White House toy drive had collected more than 500 items for needy kids.

There's no word on collecting toys for needy dogs, but we're sure Bo will be willing to share his own toys -- although maybe not his shiny new police car.

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