Would You Fork Over a Buck for Facebook?

Social networking site "burning through millions": CNET

Are you high?

That's what FamousDC asked after CNET came out with their "Would you pay $1 a month for Facebook?" article today.

See, Facebook is going through that whole Internet age-young dilemma: how can you show you can make money on the web?  Also known as: Show. Me. The. Money.  (Thank you, Cuba Gooding, Jr./Jerry Maguire.)

CNET's not-so-original suggestion: Facebook could charge a nominal monthly fee.  This fee would allegedly help the social networking site stave off the millions of dollars it's burning through.   

Are you serious?

We like FamousDC's idea: "Instead of charging $1 a month to people who actually use the service for all the right reasons, Facebook should consider charging people who abuse the system."  Their list of misdemeanors includes:

  • over-frienders (those who add friends at random just to have more friends)
  • people who take quizzes (you know who you are)
  • misleading profile pictures
  • pokers
  • inapproriate Facebooking: "If you Facebook on the day of your wedding, from the bedroom, at the gym or while you’re doing work on the John, you will be charged a minimum of a dollar."

If all else fails, delete your FB account and join Twitter.

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