“With Liberty and Justice to Brawl”

DC Rollergirls get physical at DC Armory tomorrow.

The DC Rollergirls are tearing up the track at DC Armory (2001 E Capitol St. S.E.) tomorrow afternoon, when the Cherry Blossom Bombshells take on Scare Force One.

Expect to see the following: fishnet stockings, lots of exposed skin, miniskirts, bruises and tattoos. Also expect to see: A bunch of women who love each other but aren't afraid to rip each other's heads off as needed. RAWR.

Never been to a roller derby event? Here's the deal: Each bout is broken up into two-minute sessions called jams. Two teams of five skate in clusters around the track, led by a jammer on each team. The jammer's job is to break through the crowd, and scores points for each time she does. The first jammer who breaks through the pack is called the lead jammer, and can call off the bout early if she chooses.

Players aren't allowed to poke, push or trip, but plenty of bumping and nudging goes on, sometimes sending a rollergirl flying into the crowd. (FYI: Team members are required to have health insurance. Smart move right there.) Refs call the shots and can put naughty rollergirls into a penalty timeout. Passions between players sometimes run hot. Note: Yelling, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" is probably not a great idea.

The DC Rollergirls consists of about 50 players on three teams, competing about once a month. All told, there are more than 200 all-women roller derby teams in the United States, even where you really wouldn't expect to find 'em (Central Arkansas Roller Derby, anyone?).

Local-ish competitors include the Charm City Roller Girls (Baltimore), the Penn Jersey She Devils (Philadelphia) and the Dominion Derby Girls (Virginia Beach).

DC Rollergirls Bout
Adults $12, Kids 6-11 $6, Age 5 and under free
Sat., Jan. 24 at the DC Armory (2001 E Capitol St. S.E.)
Doors 4 p.m.; Bout 5 p.m.

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