When Cute is Too Cute: F*** You, Penguin

An antidote to the glut of cute pictures of puppies and kittens is sweeping the web

While we're the first to admit to having Cute Overload bookmarked, we think the blog F*** You, Penguin, " A Blog Where I Tell Cute Animals What's What," is one of the best things we've seen all year (fighting words, we know). If you've ever reacted quite literally to the "overload" part of Cute Overload - or Cats in Sinks, or Daily Puppy, or any of those websites where you can go and be hypnotized by the dewy stare of a baby otter popping out of the water to remind you of the essential goodness and innocence of everything everywhere -- F*** You, Penguin serves up a giant steaming pile of anti-cute snarkitude that'll make it all better. Enjoy!

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