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Pitango Gelato arrives in DC

Gelato aficionados, rejoice! Pitango Gelato opens its first DC outpost today on P Street. Despite the recent deluge of new yogurt stores, DC's been facing a gelato shortage. Pitango has already created a cult-like following in the Baltimore area, and we wouldn't be surprised if this latest craze kicks fro-yo and cupcakes to the curb.

In order to recreate the authentic gelato he loved as a child, Pitango owner Noah Dan scoured the country for the freshest products. His gelato contains raw milk (yum!), fresh egg yolks, and organic cane and corn sugars from a farm in Pennsylvania. Pitango adds in local, organic fruit, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, and pistachios flown in from the slopes of Mount Etna. Talk about a carbon footprint.

The store is open from noon-11p.m. on weekdays and 11a.m.-11p.m. on weekends, so drop by and see what makes this gelato the cream of the crop. (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves).

1451 P St., NW
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