We Need to Talk About Your TPS Reports

"Office Space" film fest in Arlington

Whip out your red Swingline stapler, because cult classic "Office Space" is coming to the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse (2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington) for the Bi-Annual TPS Report Managers Meeting.

No, really, that's what it's called.

We could just stand around with our Initech coffee mugs and crack money-laundering jokes all day, but we've got 50 copies of Vibe to read and then there's that hypnotist's appointment this evening.

OK. Seriously? If you've never seen "Office Space," we're not so sure we can still be your Internet friend. Either way, get thee to the Drafthouse. Tickets are $12 (you can order 'em online here) for Thursday night's event.

Here's the line-up ... um, we meant agenda:

7 p.m. -- THEMED MUSIC (This is in all caps on their flyer, so it must be important.)
7:45 p.m. -- Trivia contest with prizes
8 p.m. -- Bill Lumbergh impersonation contest
8:10 p.m. -- Best "O" face impersonation
8:20 p.m. -- Best costume contest
8:30 p.m. -- Movie starts

Go dressed as an "Office Space" character and get a two-for-one movie pass.


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