Wait … You Can Buy Furniture That’s NOT From IKEA?


Field trips as an adult are way more fun. You can sit with anyone you want, you won't get in trouble for drinking, and you finally have enough money to buy souvenirs. And in this case, those "souvenirs" might turn out to be an antique bookcase, not a plastic flashlight with a tiger head on it that spun around and roared when you pushed a button, which terrified the family dog. (Um, just a hypothetical.)

Alexandria furniture retailer Red Barn Merchantile is planning an excursion -- known as a Flea for All -- to the Lucketts Spring Antique Show this Saturday, May 31. The annual event hosts more than 100 antiques dealers. And also, people who sell crabcakes and kettle corn. Those people are our favorite people.

The $75 price tag (down from $95 -- look, your first bargain) includes admission to the show, a flea market survival kit, a morning snack and transportation. And you thought you'd never get on a bus again!

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