Victoria's Secret Cuts Off Maryland's Underpants

A college weeps

No longer will the strapping young lads of College Park have to worry about getting frisky with their Saturday night dates only to find a giant turtle head staring back at them.

Victoria's Secret has dropped Testudo from its line of college-themed underpants and clothing, reports the Diamondback . Apparently those badly done photoshops of Ralph Friedgen as a VS model were doing major damage to the brand image.

Sales were way down.  After an initial flurry, the school has not received royalties for the use of its logo since September 2008.

While some students won't miss it because of the sticker shock, others are, like, totally, gonna, like, miss it.  And stuff.

One told the paper:

“I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret PINK, and I was pissed that they took our school off of the website.  My sister’s school, NYU, got on to it, and they don’t even have a mascot! I have bought, like, three Maryland pieces of clothing, and it is one of my favorite brands so I was really sad.”

Like totally sad!  NYU, like, doesn't have, like, a cute little, like, turtle and it's totally, like, disappointing that I can't, like, be cool, like, my, like, sister, like.  And stuff.

Another student -- an English major who definitely isn't minoring in Economics -- complained, too.

"I am pretty irritated -- not that I need any more clothes -- but just the idea that if the company isn’t making tons of money off one school that they will just drop us like that."

So without Testudo-themed underpants and shirts, what's a College Parkian to do?  The horror...the horror.

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