Vanessa Hudgens: Zac Is A Good Kisser

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron made two “High School Musical” movies without kissing, but in the third installment of the Disney franchise, their characters, Troy and Gabriella, finally have their first kiss — and Vanessa, who is also Zac’s real life girlfriend, said the 21-year-old actor is no slouch when it comes to the smooch.

During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” scheduled to air on Friday, Ellen asked Vanessa the question millions of “HSM” fans wish they knew the answer to.

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“He’s a good kisser, I assume?” Ellen asked.

Vanessa attempted to stay mum on the subject, but Ellen was not about to let her dodge the kiss question.

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“Well, you’ve got to say yes!” Ellen continued.

“Ok, yes, fine,” Vanessa smiled.

“You can’t not answer that question!” Ellen told the “HSM” star.


In addition to Zac’s smooching skills, Vanessa revealed Zac’s affinity for certain raw food.

“What does he like for breakfast? Is he a cereal guy?” Ellen asked.

“More of an eggs kind of guy,” Vanessa said. " If he’s feeling lazy, he just drinks them.”

Ellen questioned if drinking raw eggs was safe.

“Not most of the time, but every now and then,” Vanessa added.

Ellen also got to the bottom of another burning Zac question — which Zac hairstyle is best?

“Do you like his hair kind of gelled back or kind of on the side with bangs?” she asked Vanessa, adding, “I kind if like it side bangs just kind of lose.”

“Like yours right now?” Vanessa said.

“Yeah, I want anything that looks like me,” Ellen said with a laugh. “I like it just floppy bangs.”

Vanessa on the other hand likes Zac’s new gelled look.

“I like [Zac’s hair] back,” Vanessa said.

“With a lot of gel and stuff in it? Doesn’t it feel icky in your hands?” Ellen wondered.

“It’s kind of solid,” Vanessa told Ellen.

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