Super Tuesday Bash Serves Candidate Cocktails

Topaz Bar gets political

Nothing like being in the nation's capital when the race to the White House is on: high stakes at its best (OK, or possibly worst).

Adding to the competition for the most powerfull temp job in the world, Topaz Bar (1733 N St. NW) invites Washingtonians to stop by and catch the excitement on Tuesday, March 6 at its Super Tuesday Viewing Party.

From 5 p.m. until closing, Kimpton mixologist Rico Wisner will stir up politically charged campaign cocktails, including drinks inspired by the four GOP candidates and President Barack Obama. Patrons can throw their support toward their favorite presidential hopeful by ordering one of the Campaign Cocktails.

  • Romney Float ($5): This rich, non-alcoholic treat features Old Dominion Root Beer finished with whipped heavy cream and a house-made "Salted Lake" caramel drizzle ($5). For those who can't resist the hard stuff, a shot of Root Organic Liqueur can be added for a dollar extra.
  • Rick's Tea Party ($9): This cocktail features Green Tea-infused Absolut Vodka, Benedictine liqueur, lemon juice and simple syrup.
  • Ron's PBR ($5): Swig down an old-school beer that appeals to the younger generations too, and show support for Ron Paul with a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Mmm-mmm!
  • Gin-grich and Tonic ($9): Choose an old classic with a hint of the South in honor of Newt, with this twist on a traditional gin and tonic. Enjoy Bluecoat American Dry Gin and Fentimans Tonic Water topped off with a Leopold Bros. peach liqueur float.
  • Home Sweet Home ($9): Obama's looking to keep his cushy digs at the White House for the next four years. Vote for the incumbent with this homage to District's official cocktail, the Rickey. This sweet twist on the classic includes Bulleit Bourbon, lime juice, club soda and a hint of pineapple juice.

Following Super Tuesday, the Campaign Cocktail menu will be offered until the official GOP nominee is selected. At that time, Topaz Bar will invite patrons to cast their "vote" for the presidency by sipping on their favorite candidate's cocktail. The bar will keep a running tally of who's in the lead until the general election in November.

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