“Top Chef” vs. P Street Chef

Not that we're playing favorites or anything

Let's see ... the recipe for some cool new cooking classes calls for two local chefs, one "Top Chef," a dash of Moroccan flair and a spoonful of Southern style. Wait, no, we're missing an ingredient. Oh that's right, it's YOU! Don't you feel special now?

Join chef/owner Jamal Bazzoud and his partner Ben at the Marrakesh Palace (2147 P St. NW) for a cooking demo Sunday, June 14 from noon-3 p.m. Tickets are $45, but since you'll receive a $25 gift certificate for attending, this event really only costs a Jackson. Oh, and seating is limited, so RSVP soon.

You can watch and learn the basics of classic Moroccan cuisine and then stay for a four-course meal of cooked spinach salad, beef cigars, chicken tagen and almond pastry. There will also be complimentary wine pairing with each dish. Free alcohol? What, when and where? (Who, how and why are irrelevant when it comes to these things. Trust us.)

However, for those that prefer the willows of "Gone with the Wind" to the nightclubs of "Casablanca," we have a cooking class for you, too.

"Top Chef: Season 5" finalist Carla Hall will be teaching a New Orleans cooking class at CulinAerie (1131 14th St. NW) Monday, June 15 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Known for her quirky personality and Southern cuisine, this special event should fill up fast, too, so reserve your spot ASAP.

Tickets for the class are a bit steep at $85, but you can participate in a hands-on demonstration, enjoy a full meal with wine, AND brush shoulders with a celeb! Or pseudo-celeb. Whatever. It'll still totally beat Susie's "Real World: DC" gossip at the water cooler on Tuesday. No one cares about those drunkards anyway.

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