The Ultimate Action Figure

Prince William County man's new car is more than meets the eye

Think your collection of Transformers from when you were a kid is impressive?  You’ve got nothing on Jim Ortte.

The Prince William County man has the ultimate Transformer. He just bought a Ford Mustang featured in the “Transformers” movie.

Ironically, Ortte didn’t play with Transformers as a kid. Mustangs are his true passion, and this was one muscle car he couldn’t pass up.

“I love Mustangs,” he told the News & Messenger. “I’ve owned 15 of them, so that’s even better.”

This Mustang probably cost him a bit more than his others. Reports have Ortte paying about $100,000 for it, but he won't reveal the actual price.

That’s a lot of money, especially when you learn that the car doesn’t even turn into a robot -- as it did in the movie. Still, it was the main on-screen car in the film. It was part of Barricade, one of the bad guy Decepticons.

Ortte doesn’t even drive it much.

“Because this says ‘Police’ on it and stuff like that, I certainly don’t want to be driving around in it," Ortte said. "It’s mainly going to be for exhibits and charity events.”

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