The Manliest Restaurant in the South

Ray's The Steaks ... raises the stakes

This month, went on a a camoflauge-printed, beer-fueled hunt for The Manliest Restaurant in America, and an Arlington spot made the shortlist.

Ray's The Steaks (2300 Wilson Blvd., Arlington) was handsomely rewarded with top honors for the Southern division -- ugh, even though this area is NOT the South! Sigh. Guess there's no Mid-Atlantic division, though.

The place was also awarded the title of Best Chunk of Cow-to-Buck Ratio, which is obviously a totally legitimate award on par with the Grammys.

Says Asylum: "This affordable house of meat is one of the best inside the Beltway, if not the country. The proof is in the bone-marrow pudding, which is actually pure, beefy fat."

Sounds appetizing. We're gonna hop the Orange Line right ... about ... now.

OK, so Ray's didn't take top honors. That went to Hilltop Inn of Evansville, Ind., which serves up -- wait for it -- fried brain sandwiches.

But we KNOW Ray's is still large and in charge -- they don't have to resort to gross gimmicks or cutesy names like other ranking restos. Yeah, Triple Bypass and Body Bag hoagies, we're looking at you.

Those so-called manliest restaurants should just slap some animal on a plate and give you a napkin if you're lucky. And we think Ray's might have already gotten that message.

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