TaleSpin: Britney's Latest Court Hearing & The World's Most Sought After Octuplet Mom

Britney Spears’ life is starting to play like one of those court shows, only on a never-ending loop.

A quartet of attorneys representing Ms. Spears was in court in Los Angeles Monday afternoon arguing over if and when Britney will be mentally sound enough to give a deposition in an ongoing legal battle.

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This is a matter that will be resolved in Florida, probably sometime in 2010.

At issue is what services Johnny Wright performed for Britney and for how long. Wright managed Spears starting when she was still part of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club but he claims he’s still owed some fees. And his attorney, Clay Townsend, came to court asking that Spears be ordered to give a deposition, in which she would answer some questions about the case.

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Townsend argues that if Britney is clear-headed enough to talk on camera for an MTV documentary and to perform live on “Good Morning America,” then she should be able to talk with a couple of lawyers.

The entire hearing took an hour and at the end of it the Commissioner continued the case until August. Clay Townsend told our court correspondent “I have faith the judge is doing the right thing and she will revisit this.”

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The Whittier, California woman who gave birth to eight children last week is about to find out if she can cash in on the remarkable deliveries. The story made her famous (at first) and highly sought after by morning shows and People magazine. Then, the high-volume childbirth made Nadya Suleman infamous after it was learned that she already had six children and had apparently sought more using fertility treatment.

Access Hollywood confirmed today that Suleman has now engaged a public relations firm to help her cope with book and television appearance deals that are coming her way, apparently by the hundreds. Joanee Killeen of the Killeen Furtney Group tells the Associated Press that Suleman is “the most sought after mom in the world right now.” And Killeen told us that a decision should be made about her first interview by the of this week but she would not say Suleman would require payment before she would speak.

We are also told that while Suleman may get out of the hospital as soon as this week, the kids (six boys and two girls) will remain hospitalized for 7-12 weeks, since they were born prematurely.

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