Tai Shan's Getting Fed-Ex'ed to China

Wow, they really can ship anything.

T-minus 10 days to departure. Tai Shan's launch date has been set (Thursday, Feb. 4), but more importantly, his travel method has been determined. And yes, he's going via Fed Ex.

Nope, it's not just for that urgent last-minute gift you ordered on Amazon; D.C.'s very own Butterstick is headed back to China in a white cardboard envelope. (OK, that's all true except for the white cardboard envelope part.)

The good news? While the District collectively weeps for the loss of its panda kiddo, Tai Shan will be living it up. He'll be traveling with a two-year-old female panda coming from Zoo Atlanta. Spring break!!!!

Of course, once Tai Shan gets to China, it's time to get down to Serious Business. The reason he's going back to China? It's time to settle down and start breeding. Maybe some day he can tell his offspring all about the time he got mailed.

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