Steve Urkel Throws Out First Pitch at Nationals Game Saturday

Do you ever wonder where some of your favorite entertainers of years past have gone? 

Personally, I'm curious to see what Amy Jo Johnson (better known as the Pink Ranger on "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers") is up to; she was my first crush.

Puppy love aside, one of Johnson's contemporaries in mid-1990s television -- Jaleel White of Steve Urkel and "Family Matters" fame -- reappeared at Nationals Park Saturday to throw out the first pitch before the second game of the three-game series against the New York Yankees.

(Photo credit: @MtngGrlsOnMetro)

Unfortunately, White did not wear the suspenders or thick-framed glasses, instead electing to go with the Stefan Urquelle look (that was Urkel's smooth-talking, debonair alter ego). He did not disappoint, however, as he threw a perfect strike.

"Did I do that?" Yes. Yes he did.

Oh, and the Nats lost 5-3 in 14 innings.

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