Speidi Out, Holly Montag Will Join “I'm a Celeb”

Speidi has left the jungle.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt officially parted ways with their fellow B-list stars on NBC's "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here" Monday after Heidi was rushed to a hospital with a likely gastric ulcer that she blamed on the devil. At least, that's what they say today.

Pratt's sister Holly Montag will take her place in the Costa Rican jungle on Wednesday's episode.  

The "Hills" reality couple had been competing in a number of gross-out gags against fellow celebrities in the Costa Rican jungle to raise money for charity. Stunts on the show include eating bugs, being shut in a dark room with snakes and rats, and, most recently, being dunked in a tank filled with baby alligators and other slithery creatures.

On Monday, American Idol wannabe and new-found jungle nymph, Sanjaya Malakar, finally met his match when asked to eat a bull's testicle. Despite excelling on past tasks, he couldn't finish the meal.

Comedienne Frances Callier quit the show after being too homesick for her partner Angela, who was booted off last week.    

But Monday's episode had been hotly anticipated for clarification on Pratt's hospitalization. Allegations that the couple was "tortured" on the set of the reality show and deprived of rations were shot down by a number of reports this weekend, but the exact circumstances of what happened were previously unknown.

On three occasions the Pratts decided they'd had enough and said goodbye to fellow celebrities on the show only to eventually return to camp. As a condition of the couple's latest return, though, co-host Mylene Klass required they spend a night in a "lost chamber." 

As it turned out the night in the chamber passed relatively uneventfully. There were a few spiders in the dimly lit chamber, but the Pratts prayed their way through the night and emerged in high spirits. 

"No surrender, no retreat," Spencer said. The couple returned to camp and boasted that God had wanted them to remain on the show.

But soon Heidi began to vomit repeatedly and she stopped eating. Her fellow cast members said she seemed dehydrated.

"Demons were coming out of me," Heidi told her husband. "Felt like there were swords of fire coming out of my throat." 

The "Hills" star likely has a gastric ulcer, the medic on the show said. 

Speaking from the hospital room with his wife, Spencer Pratt said that they would not return.

"We proved ourseves," he said. "It was a life-changing experience."  

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