Smashing Pumpkins

Virginia festival helps you recycle your pumpkins

CENTREVILLE, Va. -- Are your jack-o'-lanterns starting to wrinkle, quickly turning into jack-o'-lantern grandparents? Are you sick of pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie? Or at least sick of roasting them and baking them?

Well, Cox Farms in Centreville is offering to help you "recycle" your pumpkin leftovers in ways that would make Gallagher convulse in ecstasy.

At Pumpkin Madness Days, you can hurl, smash, drop or squish your pumpkins with the catapult, smasher, high drop and squisher.

And there's more! Once you're all covered in pumpkin guts, check out the hayrides, giant slides, rope swings, animals and music.

The fall festival is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and continues through Sunday, when they plan to execute a 426-pound pumpkin at 3 p.m.

Then leave Halloween 2009 in the past.

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