Sit Outside in Gross Weather (AKA, Free Concert Series)

Lunchtime music

The Live! On Woodrow Wilson Plaza free concert series is now underway.

If you missed Wednesday's performance by Chaka Khan ("IIIIIIII’m every woooman" ... OK, we know our singing is bad, but that's why we're writing this instead of performing on the Plaza), it's not too late to catch performances by acts like Poemcees with Bassey Ikti (hip-hop theater), Cold Hard Cash (a Johnny Cash cover band) and Alyson Williams (R&B). And you can do it all during your lunch break. Yeah, we're big on convenience.

The free concerts are held daily from noon-1:30 p.m. throughout the summer at the Ronald Regan Building (1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW). Genres include African dance, Celtic folk, jazz violin, hip-hop, Latin swing and pop rock. 

See the full schedule here. Skip the brown bag if you go -- food and drinks are sold on-site.

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