Shanna Moakler: ‘I Don't Think Carrie Prejean Will Take Responsibility For Her Actions, Ever!'

On Wednesday, just one day after Donald Trump allowed Miss California, Carrie Prejean to keep her crown despite several semi-nude photos hitting the net, Co-Executive Director of the Miss California OrganizationShanna Moakler resigned.

And in a sit down interview with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush on Thursday, Shanna explained how she really felt about Trump's decision.


"What happened in your estimation in the [Tuesday Trump] press conference?" Billy asked.

"It was kind of like she was being rewarded and given another podium, being rewarded for lying, and kind of being given another podium to scream, 'Victim,'" Shanna told Billy. "And she's not a victim. She's not being persecuted."

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At Tuesday's press conference, Trump revealed that after reviewing the photos of Carrie that had surfaced – showing the young woman in pink underwear and no top, but with her arms across her chest – potentially contract violating pics, he decided she should keep her title.

"I think that Carrie will go down as somebody that Shanna and [her co-Executive Director] Keith [Lewis] will be very proud of in the end," Trump said.

And, he added, "If Carrie weren't so beautiful, this would never have come [up]."

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When asked by Billy if she felt like she was a "pawn in Trump's charade," Shanna said it was complicated.

"This is my life, this is something that I love," she said. "I'm sad. I've lost something that I invested a lot of time and energy in… And I don't feel like I was heard."

Shanna said she wanted to distance herself from the situation.

"I'm not going to put my name on her if she's going to continue to go on television shows and lie about petty things," Shanna noted.

"If Carrie ends up stepping down from Miss California, would you return?" Billy asked.

"Absolutely," Shanna replied. "In a heartbeat…. It's not [a] 'her or me'[situation]. It's you… have to, at some point, make her take responsibility."

"Do you feel Carrie Prejean is going to regret what she's done because her dream was to be a hot model?" Billy asked.

"I don't think Carrie Prejean will ever regret anything, because I don't think Carrie Prejean will take responsibility for her actions, ever. Ever," Shanna stated.

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