Seven Strangers, Picked to Live in a (Row)house

"Real World: DC" to start filming June 20?

The inevitable now has a (speculative) date: "Real World: DC" will begin filming June 20 in Dupont Circle ... quite possibly.

To Dupont Circle residents: This is your 17-day notice to start packing your bags. You can take a stay-cation in another neighborhood (we hear Adams Morgan is remarkably roach-free... oh, hell, who are we kidding?), head to the beaches, roadtrip across the country....

The options are endless, people. Just. Get. Out. Now.

To the interns: You have 17 days to plan your cameo on the show. Here are some tips: Follow the cameras at night, drink (a lot), find a cast member, and sign any and all waivers MTV hands you. You'll be in that tricked-out house faster than it takes to say "congressman." And no, you won't regret any of this the next morning.

To All Other DC residents: And you thought the yearly flood of interns was bad? HA! You ain't seen nothin' yet.

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