A White House Smooching and a Singing

Performers get up close and personal on Valentine's Day

White House kiss
Bill Auth

Maybe we're not that romantic, but sometimes there is such a thing as being sickeningly sweet.

Take the Performance Corporation and Solas Nua's so-called double shot of Theatrical Espresso in front of the White House on Valentine's Day:

Over 100 undercover performers smooched outside the gates of President Barack's Obama Pennsylvania residence at 2 p.m. Sunday as Irene O'Mara and a capella group Alchemy sang "Kissing You." As the Performance Corporation noted on their site:

After a suitably romantic period (and enough time to bring the Capitol Police on the scene!), our kissers then melted back into the crowd, leaving the US capital with a suitably romantic glow.

How, um... sweet.  

Maybe next time they could pair up with the peeps doing Cupid's Undie Run for a truly entertaining Valentine's.

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