Search VA Farmers' Markets — Yep, All of Them

New Web program helps you find local goods before you leave the house (We know how you hate the sun)

In search of locally grown food? OK, so there's an iPhone app for that -- but our helpful pals at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services have a new online program to help you find fresh, local food. You can even search by the item, so if you're on the prowl for blueberries, garlic snapes or even handmade soap, you'll know exactly where to go.

We KNEW if we were patient, we'd be able to look down at the Whole Foods crowd!

This is a way to get food that's fresher AND cheaper than you'll find on a trip to Whole Paycheck -- but we doubt you'll find yoga accessories at these places. It's all about compromise.

Go online at Virginia Grown and click the button corresponding to options such as farms, farmer's markets or specialty products. Type in the item you're looking for, and your ZIP code.

We got all ambitious and tried typing in "soap" -- and the Clarendon Farmers' Market popped up, with a Google map, Web site link and hours. Guess we're blowing off Lush in Georgetown next time we need to get clean. At least Clarendon has a Metro stop.

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