Scoop: Rihanna's New Tattoo Is Fully Loaded

In light of her recent alleged assault at the hands of Chris Brown, one might think Rihanna’s newest tattoo — a tiny handgun on her ribcage — sends the wrong message.

The idea to indelibly ink a gun on Rihanna was the tattoo artist’s. “I’m a big advocate of guns. So I said, ‘How about a gun?” said BangBang, Rihanna’s go-to tattooist. “I printed out a picture of a gun that I thought would look good, and she loved it.”

Not one to be impulsive about affixing images of weaponry to herself, Rihanna and BangBang tested several locations, keeping in mind that some were more endorsement-friendly than others.

“We were thinking of putting it on her finger next to her wrist, or on her shoulders. She loved that, but it took away from her face, and you know, she’s a CoverGirl, so we couldn’t do that!”

‘Dancing’s’ possible finalists: Woz and Melissa
Sure, there’s a lot of show left, but why not go out on a limb and begin predicting “Dancing With The Stars’” finalists?

First up, let’s take a flier and put the Woz on the short list. Dismal scores be dammed, the man has a following. Between fan sights like, and Twitter and Facebook campaigns, there could be enough grassroots support to keep him in the game.

A more realistic pick, though, is Melissa Rycroft. According to an ABC source: “She gets more and more support from fans every week. If she keeps this up, she could go really far.”

Friday Night Lights’ to return for two more
An official announcement confirming that the Dillon Panthers are coming back for two more seasons is expected soon.

As EW’s Michael Ausiello reported, two 13-episode seasons of “Friday Night Lights” have been greenlit, and the deal will be another NBC/DirectTv split.

I’m also hearing that the two seasons will be filmed back-to-back. This could go a long way in maximizing shooting time with cast members such as Minka Kelly, who just signed with the CW pilot “Body Politic.” Stay tuned.

Weekend box office
This weekend, “Monsters vs. Aliens” will rule the box office.

Despite not being in as many 3-D theaters as originally hoped, the flick will have no problem taking over the number one spot.

First, it’s a well-publicized, family-friendly wide release.

Second, 3-D tickets generally cost more than the average movie ticket. The film only has to be competitive with the runner-up in terms of actual number of tickets sold to make more.

And third, Scoop text responders agree: 79 percent of you said you’d be seeing “Monsters” this weekend. As for the other big releases: 16 percent of you said “Haunting in Connecticut” was your film of choice, and only 5 percent were going for “12 Rounds.”

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